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Twenty two years ago, you(Moi) was sworn into power/
little did the people know, this was like a hot shower/
come the years to follow, would be filled with  much sorrow,
Total shame but proud, what will happen tomorrow.

Thank you for the first 4 years of your reign/
you did some good till 82' when the people began to feel/
specks of  political pressure within until/
attempted coup did no good for you was too deep n' ill

What followed next was a sin of allsins/
tribal boundaries were drawn among peoples/
who fought as one unit  to get rid of 'em all colonialist evils/
Now you turned against us n' began eating us up like weevils/

Our nation was raped/
by political thuggery/
Our resources were drained/
by the western econimies/

Peoples was raged/
they resorted to anarchy/
Elections damn rigged/
So you still got to stay within/

I wake up in tha mornin' n' there's no electricity/
I can't wash my face, ain't no water in the city/
Ain't got no food to eat, coz i got no money/
got retrenched yesterday/
where shall I go anyway?

I resolve to release my stress through Afro hip-hop/
hopin' that My fellow youth will realise we still got hope/
The old Generation came,did,had, was, then were/
Now it's we who will,take, o--ver/

All debt brought on us by irresponsibility/
way to much beyond one person's ability/
that's why I cry out to all my fellow youth around me/
we got much to dobefore we see Kenya in Harmony!!!!!!!!


~K-Stringz ~

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