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Kenyan Issues
Hang with your parents

Hanging out with your parents

Damn!! it's Sunday morning and your parents are banging on the bedroom door. Time to go to church. This is one phase we all went through. Yo had to go to church wether you liked it or not.
The holy ones attended mass/service duly while the hardheads rebelled silently. It was/still may be a common scene to drive down valley road on a Sunday and see teenies and chics basking outside the church ( instead of attending service). We understand it's hangovers from sato. If it were Holy Family, you would see teenies and chics hanging around that ka area where they sell rosaries, bibles etc pretending to be interested in buying something. Yes , for a whole 1 hour. Well you may have been fortunate/unfortunate to be so, all I jua is that my case was different. Old guy was a catholic, old lady was protestant and they used to make sure we attended church which meant this Sunday==> Pente( Nairobi pentecostal), next Sunday ==>holy family.
Aki I attended church so much that I could preside over mass if I was given the gown. I was an altar boy at holy family, and an usher at pente. Unfortunately, I was hungover every Sunday but I made it through coz I juad after church, there was sure to be a ka family outing. Si u kumbuka those things of shade hotel, Bomas of Kenya, Jka Resort club, Roasters, etc. U fika there, your parents start pinting then they order sodas for you guys. Yo watch in dismay as your parents lewa on two pilsners while you are a jamaa of wekaring a whole crate under your foot at size ama Carni. Well it' sall about a day with your parents.
Kwanza how did you used to react when you were all watching a program as a family then jamaas started boning? ha ha ha. Others would sema ati they are going to the bathroom, daddy would sema ati, "mama watoto, isn't the news on now?" that time it's like 9:23pm!!. There's even more to that.
Remember the Sunday afternoon when you went to chill at uhuru park with your parents, then shortly you heard rustling in the bushes only to see a jamaa and chic making out in the vichakas!!
What about the time when you went shagz with your old man then at the market place he gave you 20 bob to nunua chai and mandazi while he grabbed a few pints with buddies in a nearby bar, then instead you went to another bar and shikad pints too while watching out for be continued