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Kenyan Issues
Everything about the heng
A Typical Day In Kenya | Millions of Visangas | Work of Art??? | A Day On Luthuli Avenue | A day on River Road | Everything about the heng | What we all did during the High School years | Hang with your parents


The Rave-The total truth-

I will share with you storoz of akina Jay-kays, 3 wheels, the rise and fall of ghetto pub, spiders pub its effect on the middle age Kenyan, The reign of Carnivore, The rise and fall of the barn, Hengs and road accidents. The wannabees of Nairobi, floodlights, super soul and the gardens of carni!!!
the chicks who used to follow akina Juma and his red car, pinye lovers, rise and fall of zig-zag, the makanga phenomenom etc