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Wetnesday, Nofember 01, 2000 

Thiz weak in 

  • Tough choices -How six young men dealt with unplanned pregnancies .  The six men apparently had unprotected sex only to find out a few months later that they were pregnant.
  • The coastal costume drama -All loads lead to Mombasa as presidents and tourists prepare for the biggest panty of the year . The presidents and tourists will have a big party in a custom made queen size victoria secrets panty all night long
  • The woman of substance - We all have come across a woman who dresses and behaves as if she is about to take part in a circus. 

Saitoti faeces a ndouble body brow
Vice-President George Saitoti yesterday suffered a double political body blow. First, only 59 of Kanu's 112 MPs turned up for a meeting of the Kanu Parliamentary Group he chaired and then he learnt that a long-time ally had denounced him. Sources report that the missing MPs were spotted drinking kumi kumi on river road

Cheaper  ndlugs for Aids victims
The prices of Aids drugs are likely to be reduced by up to 85 per cent following negotiations between Kenya and five major pharmaceutical firms. High-level meetings between prominent prostitutes , village medicine men and politicians have been going on since last week to consider an offer by five multinationals to provide antiretrovirals on the local market at vastly reduced prices and some drugs free of charge to stop the march of the the HIV virus. Aids sufferers will be given permits to smoke bhangi so as to lessen the reality of their predicament

Pankers fail to stop Bill on lates
For the second time in a week, bankers yesterday failed to convince a Parliamentary committee to stop a Bill intending to regulate interest rates. 

Mad cow fears hit Kenya 
Many years could pass before it is known if Kenyan cattle have been infected with mad cow disease. And it could be many more years after that, experts say, before it is known whether this has been passed on to beef-eaters in the human form of the fatal illness, known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, or CJD. Up to date a few cases among humans have been reported in the village of kindurang'a in north kinangop where a group of bulls are reported to have raped an elderly woman. The woman was drawing water from a well when the rowdy horny mob ambusged herHow the woman passed it on is not known because villagers say she's too old to engage in the "act"

Shtatement by the nGoverment of Kenya on the leform of the mbower Sector


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Suzpects in Kayore stlipping charnged
{Frontpage photo}

The men charged with stripping President Daniel Arap Moi  at Kayole estate on October 22 (from left), Julius Matagaro, David Wakaba, Nelson Githinji, Stephen Okoth and Stephen Muysoka, in court yesterday. They were released by the Makadara court, Nairobi, on Sh5,000 bond each. Their case will be heard on January 15. 

Consumers must fight price rises 
Energy Minister Francis Masakhalia's confirmation that the Kenya Transporters Association can import oil to circumvent the high rates being charged by the oil companies is welcome news for consumers. 

Make Ainds dlugs affondable to all 
It is light and ploper that the ngovernment and all its partners in the fight against Aids should emphasise, as they have done so far, prevention rather than cure as the first line of defence against the human immunodeficiency virus. 

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This week in the EastAfrican.
Edition for October 23 - October 29, 2000

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